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Contract of Use for Dash Getaways

Welcome to Dash Getaways! All use of our online store, along with any purchases transacted through our website, are subject to the terms and conditions outlined herein. By visiting our website and/or using our services, you agree to these established stipulations. Please take a moment to read and understand them prior to beginning transactions with us.
1. Website Utilization:
a. You are allowed to view and utilize our site for your own singular and confidential intentions only. Any illegitimate utilization of the website may result in the termination of your access.
b. In order to use our online store or to make purchases, you must be 18 years of age or the legal age of majority in your country.
2. Product Information:
a. We strive to provide accurate and uptodate information concerning our goods. Still, we do not guarantee that product descriptions, images, or specifications are accurate or complete.
b. We reserve the option to adjust, modify, or cease offering products whenever we choose.
3. Purchase and Payment:
a. We maintain the freedom to accept or reject any order.
b. By placing an order, you agree to pay the stated amount for the items, any taxes that may be due, and the associated shipping costs.
c. We accept payments via the payment options listed on our website.
4. Express Service:
a. Items are dealt with promptly and dispatched depending on your location and the type of shipping you have selected upon checkout. This can influence the amount of time taken for the delivery.
b. We deny any responsibility for any losses or destruction caused by the delivery process while in transit.
c. International customers are responsible for any applicable customs duties, taxes or other fees incurred upon delivery.
5. Return and Refunds:
a. For more information about receiving a refund or cancelling orders that qualify, consult our Return Policy.
b. Returns or refunds that do not comply with our return policy criteria may be rejected at our discretion.
6. Innovative Property
a. This website contains a variety of content, including but not limited to written material, images, logos, and slogans, which must not be used or reproduced without prior authorization.
b. It is strictly prohibited to employ our name or symbols while marketing any products or services which weren‘t provided by our company.
7. Limitation of Liability:
a. We cannot be held liable for any indirect, unforeseen, accidental, or consequential damages which may arise from the use of our products or website.
b. The most we can ever pay out to you in connection to any court action that may have occurred from your use of our website or products is the amount you paid for the product.
8. Restrictive Law:
Irrespective of its laws on conflicts, these terms and conditions shall be upheld.
9. Terms Alterations:
This agreement can be altered, revised, or modified by us at any time. These changes will be effective as soon as they are displayed on this page.
If you have any queries or issues related to our terms and conditions, please contact us.
We appreciate your business, as you have indicated that you have read and understand our agreements and conditions prior to using our website.